Membership via Paypal

To make a payment using the Paypal secure payment gateway, please click the “Pay with Paypal” button below. If paying for more than one membership please adjust the quantity.

PLEASE NOTE FOR DONATION: If you also wish to make a donation via PayPal you will need to increase the member quantity to the size of the donation you wish to make. So for example if paying $10 for membership and making a $20 donation put a 3 in the quantity box to equal a total of $30. To donate via direct deposit visit here

When you click the button, a pop-up window will appear and you can pay using a credit card or you you can login to your Paypal account.

Cumberland Land Conservancy Membership and/or Donation

1 year membership to Cumberland Land Conservancy. Membership is just $10 per year and is compulsory for part ownership of properties and if you are planning to regularly visit properties.


You will be emailed a receipt for membership payment and a tax deductible gift receipt for donations of $2 or more once the membership and/or payments are processed.